Warkentin Custom Homes

Warkentin Homes is a custom home builder that we are proud to work with.

They have been building custom homes for over 40 years in and around Winnipeg with a quality that is rarely seen in today's new builds. Built with the highest quality products and care these homes really stand out in today's neighborhoods! It's one of the reasons in the re-sale market if the home was built by Warkentin homes the agent selling it makes it known in the write-ups.

When past clients are bragging about who built their homes to get top dollar in the resale market that's the best testimonial a builder can get!

If you're looking to build we are here to help! Reach out and we can set up an apt to show you some of our show homes and sit down to discuss your dream home! One of the best things about Warkentin homes is they are a custom home builder. So you're not stuck with one of our 8 plans that most builders build. We will literally sit down and review dozens of plans and find the house that fits you the best! Taking it even one step further and possibly modifying that plan to fit your needs!

Call us today or reach out on our contact page!