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We have a wide array of virtual walkthroughs right at your fingertips. By using the latest virtual reality technology, we can accurately portray what a Warkentin home would not only look like, but feel like too, as if you're already in it!

The example below is a beautiful two storey home at 2,023 square feet. A serene home that exemplifies the pristine elegance that Warkentin Custom Homes have to offer. Take a look and see for yourself!



9 Stone Hearth exterior.jpg

9 Stone Hearth



3 BED   2 BATH

Show home hours:

Thursdays - 5-8pm

Saturdays - 1-5pm

Sundays - 1-5pm

*Subject to change


11 Lillies-2.jpg

Coming Soon



3 BED   2 BATH


Founded in 1980, Warkentin Homes is a second generation family-run business with over 30 years of custom home-building. The company continues to operate today with the same values and core principles of honesty and integrity that the business was founded on.

Our experience allows us to guide you through the decision-making and home-building process with ease and understanding. Our processes and building methods result in high quality homes
that are delivered to you on time.

Whatever your hopes and visions are for your home, we will strive to understand your needs and wants and work to exceed your expectations. Building a home is an exciting time in your life and we make every effort to give you a superior experience.

From the beginning of the design process through to handing you the keys to your new home, we'll be there to guide you through every step of the way.

Melanie Snow



Step 1: Let's Talk Business

The first step is always to get in touch. We want to know the crucial parts of your lifestyle to best deliver a solution to you. Together, we'll be able to create the perfect home.

By answering some of the questions we have, you'll be able to directly influence the process from start to finish. Once we begin to understand your ideas, we can move onto picking the floor plan and lot that fits exactly what you're looking for.

1 let's talk.jpg
2 pick a floor plan.jpg

Step 2: Picking a Floor Plan

Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect home is. This is where we get to collaborate to find yours. By deciding on a floor plan that best illustrates your life, we're able to accommodate for all of your day to day needs, room by room until we determine the best fit.

Once that's been decided, we can begin to figure out what visual aesthetic you want. We have over hundreds of floor plans we could go over and modify to your needs; Warkentin is a custom builder so even if one of our floor plans doesn't exactly match what you're looking for, we can custom draw one for you!

Step 3: Design Time

Do you want bright colours, or darks? How about your floors? And the countertops, granite or quartz? This is where the fun truly begins. You get three hours with a specially picked interior designer to help you attain the best result for your home.

Once these decisions have been made, then comes the heavy work. Well, someone else doing the heavy work, at least. Phew!

3 design time.jpg
4 construction.jpg

Step 4: Construction

Specifically hired quality tradespeople get to work on carefully constructing your brand new home. From beginning to finish you're involved in the build as the progress continues.

You're encouraged to be involved with any decision process! You won't be locked out of the site and there is no gag clause with us in our contracts. This is very important (and we'd be happy to explain why!) The build process can take a while—typically 5 to 7 months—but time breeds beauty into this architectural landscape you'll soon be calling home!

Step 5: Move in!

And just like that, the house is designed and built. Perhaps call some friends and have a few drinks to celebrate your beautiful new Warkentin home!

You can even say you made it yourself, 'cause in a way, you did! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy a wonderful night in your new abode.

5 keys.jpg


The Warkentin Custom Homes experience thrives by selecting quality neighbourhoods to build your home in. Locations where beautiful views are had through every window, and with all amenities just within walking distance of your home.

It's important to find a community that's right, whether you're a couple, a family, or want to ride it solo, there is a home with your name on it just waiting to be built! We have carefully selected the following communities to build in, each bursting with personality and a brand new experience.

quarry ridge park.png
trails of west st paul.png




Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 1.55.52 PM.png
stone ridge meadows.png


"Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for the creation of this (our) beautiful Warkentin home. It certainly was a fantastic and exciting experience to be a part of our new build. Thank you for sharing your expertise and guidance with us." 

— Rob & Shannon



With Warkentin, our standards are most builder's upgrades. Why go through the hassle of upgrading when with us, you can have the best version right from the beginning? Here are some examples of what sets us apart from other builders when it comes to building your dream home:

»  Plywood floors screwed and glued instead of OSB.

»  9" thick foundation walls instead of 8".

»  16" on center framing, not 24".

»  Engineered floor joists.

»  Limited lifetime IKO Cambridge laminated shingles.

»  5' one-piece extra deep bath tubs with domes and light.

»  R22 insulated walls instead of R20.

»  Real wood trim and casings (not MDF).

»  Triple-pane windows.

»  No window wells for basement windows.

»  Engineered studs where cabinets/countertops are.

And SO much more! Make sure to ask us about other areas we differ, or things you should look for when shopping for a builder and your new forever home! We're more than happy to share. Get in touch below!

We can start right away. Click below to begin!


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